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Shira International Egypt

Shira International was founded in 1986 in Cairo, Egypt. The company started as a Buying Agency and Sourcing office for European and American Retailers, Mail Order Companies, Brands, Importers & Wholesalers.

Shira International set its goals to serve its customers with high quality standards and excellent service level.

Today Shira International Egypt is among the leading Sourcing and Buying Agencies within the Egyptian Market, knowing the needs of our customers, creating and developing new styles in each product category and bringing continuously successful products to our customer’s markets.
Shira International is just the right partner for international corporations, brands, leading retailers and online shops.

Some facts about Egypt

Egypt is well known as the most attractive African country for investment and one of the most developed in the Africa/Middle East, with reaching nearly a gross domestic product of $400 Billion in 2021.

The advantages of Egypt’s Apparel sector

Egypt’s Apparel market plays an extremely important role in the Egyptian economy. It has seen a rebound and new spurt of significant growth in recent years. Egypt has a wide offer of Apparel Manufacturers. The ready Made Garments Industry is considered the first sector in terms of labour force, with recorded 1.5 million workers, 50 percent of which are women.

Here some important facts and figures:
Apparel Exports in 2021 – Over $1.5 Billion with over 20% growth over the last 2 years.
Exports of over 58% to the US Market and 30% to the European Market.

Seven significant advantages of the Egyptian Apparel Market

QIZ Trade Agreement = Duty Free to the U.S.

The U.S. is one of the main export destinations of the Egyptian apparel industry.
Products manufactured in Egypt, are duty free to the U.S.; under this protocol, goods made in Egypt can use fabric imported from third countries and remain eligible for duty-free entry into the U.S. market, provided 35 percent of their value is added in Egypt, including a minimum of 10.5 percent of Israeli content.
Costs incurred in the U.S. also count towards the 35 percent threshold.

Duty Free to the EU Market
Egypt also enjoys duty-free market access to the EU with a double transformation rule of origin.
Proximity to the US and the EU Markets
Egypt offers shorter routes to the U.S. and the EU Markets. Due to its strategic location, its multiple ports and advanced facilities, Egypt has the advantage of easy access to to the European and North American markets.
Vertical integration and well-developed infrastructure

Throughout the African continent, Egypt’s textiles and clothing sector is the most integrated vertical infrastructured market.
The Egyptian Apparel market offers a well-developed infrastructure and is investing more than $15 billion in roads, electricity networks and irrigation projects, including 15 marine ports.

Egyptian Extra-long-staple Cotton

Egypt is the largest producer of Extra-long-staple cotton, worldwide.

Egypt offers Environmental, Ethical and Social compliant factories
Egypt is a sourcing hub for a large variety of apparel products, well-known Brands and major buyers worldwide. Egypt offers environmental, ethical and socially compliant factories with export experience. The supply chains are vertically integrated. Many companies are certified by ISO, WRAP, BSCI and OEKO-TEX accreditations.
Competitive factor labour costs
while keeping the high ethical and social labour standards, Egypt offers a large skilled labour force which is cost effective.
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