Our Services

Shira International Egypt set its goals to serve its customers with high quality standards and excellent service level.


Due to a vast experience and high proficiency within the Egyptian Market, the team of Shira International Egypt is able to source the best product at the best available terms for its customers.

Product Development

We at Shira International Egypt conduct a full-scale Product Development with its well trained and experienced technical team together and in full cooperation with our suppliers. Products are being developed according to the guidelines and exact needs of our customers.  


The Shira International Team conducts tight and severe production follow up in close cooperation with its suppliers and therefore assures our customers a fully controlled flow of its supply chains. 

Environmental Awareness / Health & Safety / Social Compliance

We at Shira International Egypt are committed to head out for Sustainability, Social Compliance and Health & Safety standards. Consequently, our suppliers continuously strive to protect the environment and to enhance the sustainability performance of the supply chain.
All our vendors provide safe, clean and healthy workplaces for their employees.
On social grounds, our vendors are compliant with the Labour Law and workplace regulations honouring and respecting worker’s rights.

Quality Assurance

Quality is Shira International’s top priority.
We drive for excellence in our services to fulfill our customers’ expectations and needs.
These concrete values are achieved through attention to details and continuous drive towards perfection.
High standard and dedicated service are the strengths of our team.
These values are recognized by our customers and it keeps our company focused and committed.
Everyone in the company is accountable for quality and is committed to be part of the team, that constantly drives improvement and sustains the quality of products delivered to the customer.
Our team operates in cooperation with our assigned suppliers and can therefore ensure full implementation of the Quality Guide lines from every customer.


We provide follow up and systematic communication services, based on clients’ needs and requirements.

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